Enerlab 4.0

Enerlab 4.0 provides a broad range of in-operando and post-mortem diagnostics for decentralized energy storage and energy generation systems. Performance tests, and cycle and aging tests can be realized under well-defined thermal conditions as well as the characterization of cell capacities, internal resistances and impedance, the opening of lithium ion cells, and post-mortem diagnostics of electrodes and other cell components. The equipment includes:

  • Battery cyclers for different cell types for maximum currents between 0,5 A and 600 A (all together about 25 channels of the systems Biologic and BaSyTec)
  • Electrochemical impedance spectometers (EIS)
  • Five temperature chambers with different sizes with safety function for lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries (-40°C to +180°C)

  • Glove boxes for working in inert gas atmophere

  • Sample preparation devices, including grinding and polishing machine, for scanning electron microscopy, optical microscopy and chemical analytics

  • For photovoltaic cells and modules: flasher, lifetime measurement system for free charge carriers